Birthing God’s Will

Isaiah 59:4 (NKJV) “No one calls for justice, nor does any plead for truth; they trust in empty words, and speak lies; they conceive evil and bring forth iniquity”

Devotional Thought

Birthing God’s will is not automatic. You can only  give birth to, what you are pregnant with. If they gave birth to iniquity, it was because they were inseminated, with the seed of iniquity. If they had been inseminated with the seed of righteousness, they would have brought forth righteousness.

Conception takes place, when a seed is transferred, from a man to a woman; the same thing is true in the spirit. Words are seeds, and empty words are seeds of iniquity. If you are not ready to give birth to iniquity, do not trust in empty words. Don’t allow junks, into your spirit; be careful, what word you give your ears to. God’s word is an incorruptible seed, and that is the only seed that is good for your spirit.

You become pregnant with God’s seed when God’s word gains access into your spirit. Observe the process of conception, in this verse. First it was conviction, they trust in empty words. Second, it was confession, they speak lies. Third, it was conception, they conceive evil. They move from conviction, to confession, to conception, and they gave birth to iniquity.

Principle of Life

Everything that happens in our lives always goes through this process. Your confession follows after your conviction. The scripture says, “…I believed, and therefore have I spoken…” Spiritually speaking, conception is connected with confession. The Bible says, “A man’s belly will be filled with the fruit of his mouth.”

It always begins with our conviction, followed by our confession, unto conception, and something new is birthed, in our lives. When your conviction is rooted in the word of God, you are on your way to birthing God’s will. God told Joshua how to give birth to good success, and you can see this process underlined in God’s instruction to him. 

We can give birth to purity, when we locate the seed of purity, in God’s word, trust in the word of purity, speak the word of purity, until we are pregnant with purity. The same goes for peace, we can give birth to peace, when we find the seed of peace, in God’s word, trust in the word of peace, speak the word of peace, until we are pregnant with peace. Birthing God’s will is a possibility when you inseminate your spirit with God’s word. 

Let’s Talk About It.

How can we be intentional with sowing the right seed into our live.

Prayer Starter

Father, let every seed of iniquity waiting to produce, in my life die, in Jesus’ name.

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