Embracing the Comfort and Greatness of God

Devotional Thought

“You shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side.” -(Psalms 71:21). This is a powerful declaration of faith and trust in God’s promises. The psalmist acknowledges God’s ability to increase his greatness and provide comfort on every side. His declaration reveals the posture of a man embracing the comfort and greatness of God.

This verse reminds us that God is a provider and a comforter. In this fast-paced and unpredictable world, we often seek comfort from various sources, but only God can provide the lasting comfort we need.

God’s comfort is not just a temporary fix to our problems, but a lasting solution that brings peace and assurance to our hearts. We can find comfort in knowing God is with us, in every situation. We can trust that He will comfort us in our times of distress, and give us the strength to face our challenges.

Moreover, the promise of increasing our greatness reveals God’s desire to bless us, and help us achieve our full potential. He wants us to grow and flourish in every aspect of our lives. We should, therefore, embrace this promise with gratitude and humility, acknowledging that our greatness comes from God alone.

In conclusion, let us take comfort in the promises of God and embrace His desire to increase our greatness. Let us trust in His unfailing love and lean on His everlasting arms. As we journey through life, may we continually seek God’s comfort and guidance, knowing He is always with us, and His promises will never fail.

Let’s Talk About It.

How strong is your trust in God’s ability to make Psalms 71:21 a reality?

Prayer Starter.

Father, increase my greatness and comfort me on every side, in Jesus’ name.

Picture of Rotimi Oluwaseyitan
Rotimi Oluwaseyitan

Rotimi Oluwaseyitan is the Lead Pastor at Christ Royal Assembly and founder of Rotimi Oluwaseyitan Ministries. He has authored six books, including Exceeding Riches of His Grace, GraceNow Devotional, Prophetic Prayer Handbook, The fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Dealing with the Spirit of Herod, and the Mistakes of Lot. He is passionate about prayer and the word. He hosts a monthly prayer meeting online every first day of the month.

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