October Prayer Newsletter

This is October Prayer Newsletter. This is October prayer Newsletter. October is declared, as our Season of Honour and Dignity. We have prepared the prayer points specifically for this month. We encourage you to rise by midnight, to make some declarations over October. We look forward to hearing your testimonies of honour and dignity this month, in the name of Jesus Christ (October prayer newsletter)

When the Season of Honour Comes

Esther 6:3 (KJV) “And the king said, what honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai for this? Then said the king’s servants that ministered unto him, there is nothing done for him.”


When Mordecai came to his season of honour, the king’s sleep was interrupted, and Mordecai’s good deed was called to remembrance. The king found out, that Mordecai has not been rewarded for his good work in the nation; the same moment, a decision was taken to honour Mordecai.

The king said, “What shall be done for the man whom the king delights to honour?” That month Mordecai’s status changed, his clothing changed, his means of mobility changed, his location changed, from the gate to the palace. Mordecai’s friends changed, and his authority changed. Honour lifted Mordecai above the status of his enemy. This will be your testimony this month in Jesus’ name.

Power changed hand, at the season of honour. This month, you shall enjoy a complimentary treatment, in the name of Jesus Christ. The King of kings has remembered you; the king of the world shall send for you. Get ready, honour is coming! This month, anyone sitting on your miracle shall lose their sleep; everything that belongs to you in the corridor of power shall be released this month, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points I

  1. Father, we declare and decree, that You shall gain honour over every unrepentant enemy of our progress this month, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, look down upon their army, trouble the army and let the water of Your judgement return, cover, and destroy their chariots and their horsemen, and let none remain among them, in Jesus’ name. (Exodus 14:18, 24, 28).
  2. Father, we declare and decree, any sorrow overriding our destiny of honour is terminated, in Jesus’ name. We declare we are blessed indeed, our coast is continually enlarging, and Your hand shall abide in our lives, keeping us from evil and grief, in Jesus’ name (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).
  3. Father, we declare and decree, that our works, businesses, ministries, projects, and careers shall be established in our hands, and men and women shall celebrate Your marvellous work in our lives, leading to riches and honour in abundance, in Jesus’ name. (2Chronicles 17:3-6).
  4. Father, we declare and decree supernatural separation, between us and any relationship, partnership, or collaboration, fashioned to mislead and destroy our testimony of double honour, in Jesus’ name (2 Chronicles 18:1, 18-21).
  5. Father, we declare and decree the abortion of all arrangements conceived, to exchange our lives as a sacrifice, or ritual for the preservation of another person’s life, in Jesus’ name (2 Chronicles 18:28-33).
  6. Father, we declare and decree, that any honour diabolically set up, through Jezebel spirit for our destruction, shall be exposed and aborted, in the name of Jesus Christ (1 Kings 21:8-13)

Prayer Points II

  1. Father, we declare and decree lasting joy, clarity of direction, and double honour for every shame, disappointment, embarrassment, disgrace, and confusion we have ever suffered in life, in Jesus’ name, (Isaiah 61:7).
  2. Father, we declare and decree the end of warfare, we declare no more oppression, we speak comfort to our household, our business, career, our ministry this month, in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 40:2)
  3. Father, we declare and decree, that the book of remembrance shall be opened in our favour this month, for honour; and our labour shall be rewarded in Jesus’ name (Esther 6:3-11).
  4. Father, we declare and decree, that any gallows of shame, disgrace, dishonour, and destruction, set up by the wicked against our lives, our spouses, and children shall backfire on the wicked, in Jesus’ name (Esther 6:3-11)
  5. Father, we declare and decree, that every place and event of honour prepared and ordained for our change of story, shall not be hijacked, or transferred to another, in Jesus’ name (Esther 6:3-11)
  6. Father, we declare and decree, that this month we shall have light instead of darkness, gladness instead of sadness, joy instead of sorrow, and honour instead of dishonour. We shall enjoy and experience the opposite of what the wicked has projected against us, in Jesus’ name (Esther 8:16)

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