Consulting with God before concluding with men

Joshua 9:14 (KJV) “And the men took of their victuals, and asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD”

When the Israelites cross over Jordan into the Promised Land, the inhabitants of the land gathered together to fight with them. But the Gibeonites, having heard of the victory of God’s people over Jericho and Ai, did not join the enemy to fight Israel. 

The Gibeonites decided, on how they might sign a treaty with Israel by deception. Though they lived next door, they came pretending to be from a far country; they dressed in old clothes, patched sandals, and came with donkeys loaded with worn-out sacks and old wineskins. 

When they asked for a treaty, the Israelites examined their foods, and were convinced they were from a distant country. Joshua made a covenant with them, on the basis of the information he received from the Gibeonites, and the observation of their victuals, without asking counsel at the mouth of the Lord. 

How many times have we fallen for deception and into error, just because we did not inquire from the Lord before we decide? Many of us like to examine and sample the victuals, rather than seeking God’s mind on the step we want to take. 

In 2012, I ended up spending so much, for what I could have got for so less. This happened, because rather than following God’s prompting, I trusted man’s promise, and I fell for the Gibeonites’ deception, You will save yourself a lot of heart-breaking situations, if you will form the habit of always consulting with God, before embarking on any project, or decision.

Stop leaning on human understanding, in your transaction and decision making; get God’s mind before you finalize every deal. You cannot depend on human judgment and testimony, to make an informed decision, because what you may not be aware of, is your next-door neighbor’s plan of deception. 

To overcome human’s craftiness, you must engage God’s counsel. I prophesy over your life, you shall not fall for the deception of men, in Jesus’ name. You will not make decisions that will cost you your life and possession, in Jesus’ name. 

Prayer Starter

Father help me in every step that I will take from this point forward, in Jesus’ name. 

Let’s Talk About It

How can we deal wisely in our interactions with men and women around us?