Prophetic Declaration for September, 2021

Here is the prophetic declaration for September 2021, receive them by faith, and expect the fulfilment in your life, this month in Jesus’ name.  

Genesis 35:9-10 (MSG) “God revealed Himself once again to Jacob after he had come back from Paddan Aram and blessed him: “Your name is Jacob (Heel), but that’s your name no longer. From now on your name is Israel (God-Wrestler).”

Prophetic Declaration

  1. This month of fresh revelation, the Lord shall reveal to you the abundance of mercy, stability, security, prosperity, and peace, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Your love and commitment to the things of the spirit, shall receive a fresh impetus this month, through a fresh revelation of God’s love, in Jesus’ name.

  3. The promotion you have been waiting for, shall be approved and confirmed this month, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Those who have questioned the reality of your God, shall acknowlege that your God is the God of gods, and the Lord of kings, in Jesus’ name.

  5. Secret things relevant to the goodness of your life and destiny, shall be revealed to you this month, in Jesus’ name.

  6. I see you moving out the old, to make room for the new, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  7. A testimony that will open doors of testimony to others, is coming your way in September, in Jesus’ name.

  8. An unusual invitation, to honour you with new appointment, shall be released this last quarter of the year, in Jesus’ name.

  9. You shall laugh and rejoice again; your losses are coming back on the basis of fresh revelation, in Jesus’ name.

  10. Get ready, I see the Lord ushering you into ownership of certain blessings, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  11. Our God, who is the revealer of secret, shall expose and terminate the ministry of unfriendly friends in your life this month, in Jesus’ name.

  12. There shall be shouts of joy and rejoicing, in your household this month of September, in Jesus’ name..

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