Sing and Shout in Faith

 Isaiah 54:1 “Sing and shout, even though you have never had children! The Lord has promised that you will have more children than someone married for a long time”
Devotional Thought

God’s ways of thinking, is completely the opposite of man’s ways of reasoning. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are superior to our ways. When God gives you a promise, He expects you to act and talk like you already received it, before He performs it.

He said to the barren, “Sing and shout, even though you have never had children!” From this command, it is clear, that God is not ignorant of man’s ways of thinking, but He is trying to bring this woman into His own ways of thinking and doings.

In the bible days, barren women live with shame and disgrace, because barrenness is seen as a curse or punishment. As such no one would expect singing and shouting from a barren woman. When such action is displayed by a woman, who has never had children, it will likely be considered abnormal and out of place.

But God said, sing and shout like you already have it, while I am getting ready to perform it. Don’t pay attention to those who think you are not qualified to sing, just sing and shout.

If you respect the custom and societal beliefs, you will rob yourself of the miracles God has prepared for you. You may appear stupid and abnormal, but your story will prove them wrong, when God finishes with you.

Your issue may be different from barreness, but the Lord has sent me to tell you, to begin to do the very thing the society considered abnormal, for people in your situation to do.

Don’t dress to fit into their expectation of you, dress like where you see God taking you to. Don’t talk and walk like they expect you to do, talk and walk like what God has revealed to you.

I see you breaking forth to the left and to the right. Get ready for a change of a story; something extraordinary is about to be heard concerning you this 2021, in Jesus’ name. Sing and shout in faith while waiting for your miracles

Prayer Starter

Father, let every limitation over my life be lifted this month, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s Talk About It

How can we break free from the limitation placed on us, by societal beliefs?

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