Time Factor in Destiny Fulfilment. 

Devotional Thought

The significance of the time factor in destiny fulfillment must be emphasized. Joshua was assigned to lead God’s people after Moses, God’s servant, passed on. The job description was spelled out, and the strategy for victory was delivered to him from the beginning.

Joshua was adequately equipped for his assignment and knew the territories to be fought, conquered, and divided among God’s people. But what we are reading in our text this morning revealed Joshua could not finish his assignment before old age caught up with him.

Observe what the Bible says, “Now Joshua was old, advanced in years. And the Lord said to him: “You are old, advanced in years, and there remains very much land yet to be possessed.” (Joshua 13:1)

Can you imagine what thought filled Joshua’s mind when the Lord told him that much of his work was undone and that he was too old to go further?

This was Joshua we saw celebrating his victories over some nations just a chapter before. He was celebrating the much he has accomplished while much remains unaccomplished. It is good to celebrate our success, but celebration must not be done at the expense of what is left to be completed.

Time is Precious

Time is a precious commodity that is impossible to gain back once lost. We need to know more than what we are called to do and how we ought to do it; we need to understand the time factor in destiny fulfillment.

Remember time is an essential element of fulfilling our assignment. Thus time management must not be left to chance when the purpose is discovered. Time should be allotted to events in our lives based on their significance to our life assignments.

Do you notice Jesus only attended one wedding ceremony in three and a half years? Although, He approves marriage, as far as His earthly assignment is concerned, attending a wedding ceremony was not a priority. Jesus did not allow minor life events to encroach on the time allotted to the significant events of His life and ministry.

Let’s Talk About It.

How can we manage good distractions around us?

Prayer Starter

Father, I receive wisdom to manage my time according to my assignment, in Jesus’ name.

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