How to Break Through in Prayer

Devotional Thought

Our text today in Luke 18:7 showed us how to break through in prayer. One area of breakthroughs, that every believer must seek for and seek to enjoy daily is in prayer. Breakthrough in prayer means getting to the point of receiving answers, to our prayer.

An answered prayer is everything to a believer. It is an important aspect of our daily life. In fact, it determines what happens, in every other aspect, of our walk with God and our interactions, with the world. Until we have experienced a breakthrough in prayer, breaking through with men may not be realizable.

If we have broken through on our knees, we won’t wait for too long, to breakthrough in our field. What is the secret to a breakthrough in prayer? We can find one in Jesus’ parable, about the widow and the unjust judge.

The Power that Broke Through

The widow approached the judge, for assistance on her case, and she kept hammering on the same point until she got the response from the judge. The judge said, “though I did not fear God nor regard man, yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her lest by her continual coming she weary me.”

The widow broke through the judge’s resistance, with her persistence. She would have forfeited her testimony of breakthrough if she had not persisted. Persistence is the key to breakthrough in prayer. For a breakthrough in prayer to become a reality, we must develop a never-giving-up attitude, in the place of prayer.

It takes persistence, to break through resistance, to divine response. Most believers give up too soon. I know you have prayed about that issue, but how many times have you prayed about it? There are some issues, with our lives and destiny, that must be taken, as a day and night issues with God, in prayer.

We don’t want to get to December with an unfinished assignment and unfulfilled dreams. The heavens must release everything, that it takes for destiny, to be fulfilled, this year. God has promised, to respond, to the elect, who cry out day and night to Him, even though He bears long with them.

Prayer Starter

Father, I receive the ability to hold on in prayer, until I breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

Let’s talk about it.

When do you think we should stop addressing an issue in prayer?

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