It Is Not My Fault

It Is Not My Fault

Acts 20:26 NLT “I declare today that I have been faithful. If anyone suffers eternal death, it’s not my fault,”

Devotional Thought

Some years back, the month of May was declared as our month of good news. As such the messages in our church services focused on one of the five purposes of the church, the great commission. We challenged ourselves on the need to share the good news, for the purpose of soul winning.

While studying, in preparation for the last Sunday service for that month, the Lord dropped a statement in my heart. The Lord said, “I hold you responsible for souls that are closer to you, but far from Me.” I have never thought of it, or seen it in that light! Some people that ought to be closer to God, are closer to me, but are far from God! It is my responsibility to introduce them, to the Lord.

I don’t think this statement is personal, or private to me; this is God’s disposition, to every believer in Christ. You are accountable to God, for every one that is closer to you, but far from God. I believe this is one of the reasons Paul was so passionate, with sharing the gospel, both with the Greeks, and with the Barbarians, including the Jews, without leaving out the Gentiles.

A Sense of Responsibility 

Paul carried with him, a sense of responsibility. He considered himself accountable, for the souls of those who come in contact with him, but have no connection with Christ. Paul said, “I did not cease to warn everyone night and day, with tears for a space of three years.”

Your next-door neighbors, your colleagues at work, your course-mate in school, members of your family, including your business partners, those you are on a talking term with, who are not on a talking term with Christ, you have a responsibility, to introduce Christ to them.

Paul says, “I declare today that I have been faithful. If anyone suffers eternal death, it’s not my fault,” Can anyone of us today, declare like Paul declared? Yes, if we have done our part. It is not our responsibility to convert, but it is our responsibility to intercede, for their salvation, and also to share the good news of Christ with them, and leave the rest for God.

Let’s Talk About It.

How can we effectively share the gospel with people that are closer to us?

Prayer Starter

Father, put the right word in my mouth today, that will bring a soul to You, in Jesus’ name.

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