November 2023 Prayer Newsletter

This is the November 2023 Prayer Newsletter. November is declared as our month of Great Victories. We have prepared the prayer points specifically for this month. We encourage you to rise by midnight to make some declarations over November.
We look forward to hearing your testimonies of Great victories this month in the name of Jesus Christ (November prayer newsletter)

The Key to Great Victories

Exodus 7:1 “And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.” (KJV)


Victory in spiritual warfare begins with the understanding of your spiritual identity in Christ. You are a son of God, which is the highest and most respected status in the realm of the spirit. Today, many of us have not yet grasped the import of our son-ship. The religious people of Jesus’ day knew better. When Jesus Christ declared before them, that He is the Son of God, they were provoked, and they attempted to stone Him.

When Jesus asked them the reason for their reaction, the Jews answered Him, saying …because You, being a Man, make Yourself God.” In response Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”‘? A son carries the status and enjoys the authority of his father. When we go into the place of warfare as sons of God, we are going with all of heaven’s authority, and we become invincible to the enemy.

Moses’ Testimony

When God was sending Moses to Pharaoh, He did not send him as Moses, He sent him as a god. The Lord said to Moses: “See, I have made you as a god to Pharaoh”. In other words, if you must confront and conquer the enemy, you cannot go as a son of man, but as a son of God. I am sending you, not as Moses, because, as Moses you ran away from Pharaoh, but I am sending you as a god.

Our spiritual identity must be exalted above our natural identity, for victory not to elude us in the place of warfare. There are some challenges that you have confronted in your status as a natural man, that you need to go back to and face as a child of God with the authority of your Father. There is a spirit behind every obstacle standing on your path of destiny; it takes you confronting them as a god to overcome. No Pharaoh can withstand you, when you rise up as child of God, in the place of prayer and address them with authority, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points I

  1. Heavenly Father, we affirm that You possess greatness, power, glory, victory, and majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth belongs to You. The kingdom is Yours, and You are exalted above all. Every authority bows before You. We find joy in the victory bestowed upon us through Your greatness, in the name of Jesus (1 Chronicles 29:11).
  2. Father, we declare and decree that it is payback time, and by the blood of the eternal covenant, we harass, attack, and destroy every Midianite behind our predicament in life, in the name of Jesus Christ (Number 25:16-18)
  3. Father, we declare and decree that this month of November, we shall enjoy great victories in every area of battle in our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ (2 Samuel 23:10-12)
  4. Father, we declare and decree, that this November great victories shall be established through us and for us in our families, businesses, and careers over sicknesses and diseases, in Jesus’ name (2 Kings 5:1-3)
  5. Father, we declare and decree, that this month, through the greatness of Your power, we shall witness marvellous things, as Your great hands gain victories for us spiritually, financially, emotionally, medically and socially, in Jesus’ name (Psalms 98:1)
  6. Father, we declare and decree that this month, justice shall prevail, and vengeance shall be visited upon the wicked, for all wickedness we have suffered in their hands, in Jesus’ name (Matthew 12:20)

Prayer Points II

  1. Father, we declare and decree that this month, death and destruction, disaster and diseases shall be swallowed up in victory, in the name of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 15:54)
  2. Father, we declare and decree that this month, the enemy shall be defeated and subdued under us, and You shall break through our enemies by our hands like the breakthrough of water, in the name of Jesus Christ (1 Chro. 14:11)
  3. Father, we declare and decree total restoration and complete recovery of all that we have lost spiritually, financially, materially, medically, and socially, through warfare and spiritual attack, in the name of Jesus Christ (2 King 13:25)
  4. Father, we declare and decree that this month, the wicked shall be confused through the thunder of Your judgment, and we shall triumph over them with great victories, in the name of Jesus Christ (1 Samuel 7:10).
  5. Father, we declare and decree that this month, the wicked shall be defeated in their activities, and shall be overcome in their wickedness; when they appear before us one way, they shall flee before us seven ways, in the name of Jesus Christ (Deut 28:7)
  6. Father, we declare and decree that this month, we shall pursue, overtake, overcome, and recover all that the enemy has stolen from us consciously or unconsciously, in Jesus’ name (1 Samuel 30:8).
Rotimi Oluwaseyitan
Rotimi Oluwaseyitan

Rotimi Oluwaseyitan is the Lead Pastor at Christ Royal Assembly and founder of Rotimi Oluwaseyitan Ministries. He has authored six books, including Exceeding Riches of His Grace, GraceNow Devotional, Prophetic Prayer Handbook, The fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Dealing with the Spirit of Herod, and the Mistakes of Lot. He is passionate about prayer and the word. He hosts a monthly prayer meeting online every first day of the month.

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