The Law of Multiplication. 

Devotional Thought

The motivating law of harvest is the law of multiplication. Every planting season, we see farmers rushing to the field, with bags of seed to sow; and you ask yourself, what is their motivation? The motivation is not just that; they will reap what they sow. If they are only assured of reaping what they sow, no farmer will ever plant, because it will waste time and seeds.

What drives a farmer to the field, each planting season, is that he knows he will reap more than he sowed. The law of multiplication states, the harvest is always greater, than the seed. You will always reap more than you sow.

The Bible declares, “Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness” –(2 Corinthians 9:10)

This is not a law that affects, only the agricultural world; it affects almost every aspect, of human life. Every choice, decision, action, or word, whether evil or good is a seed; before you sow it, reflect on the law of multiplication, because you will always reap more than you sow.

David’s adultery and murder against Uriah, and the consequent events, in his life, is a bitter example of the law of multiplication (read 2 Samuel 2:9-12). 

This law worked positively for Abraham; he sacrificed his Isaac to the Lord and reaped a nation of Israel as his harvest. The widow of Zarephath gave her last bowl of flour, and a jar of oil to feed Elijah, and she reaped a continuous increase of flour, and oil in her house, throughout the course, of the economic recession, of her days.

It does not matter, whether the seed is sown privately, or publicly; it will always come back, multiplied, because the God of the harvest that multiplies the seed sown is omniscient, just, and faithful.

Prayer Starter:

Father, let every good seed, I have sown into the ground of the gospel, be multiplied back to me, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s Talk About It:

What kind of harvest do you think your activities in the last few days will attract?

If you don’t like the harvest that your past actions suggest, what steps can you take to reverse it?

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Rotimi Oluwaseyitan

Rotimi Oluwaseyitan is the Lead Pastor at Christ Royal Assembly and founder of Rotimi Oluwaseyitan Ministries. He has authored six books, including Exceeding Riches of His Grace, GraceNow Devotional, Prophetic Prayer Handbook, The fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Dealing with the Spirit of Herod, and the Mistakes of Lot. He is passionate about prayer and the word. He hosts a monthly prayer meeting online every first day of the month.

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