God’s Manner of Dealing with His People

Devotional Thought

The outcome of our life will always require the combination of God’s intervention and our participation. God does not take absolute responsibility for everything in our world, He does His part, and we must be ready to do our part. God will do the things we cannot do for ourselves, and it is our responsibility to do what we can. This is the manner of God’s dealing with His people.

Here is our text today: 1 Kings 18:46 (NKJV) “Then the hand of the LORD came upon Elijah; and he girded up his loins and ran ahead of Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.”

You have just read an example from today’s text. Elijah ran on foot while Ahab rode on a chariot, yet Elijah beat Ahab, to the entrance of Jezreel. Elijah enjoyed an incredible speed, not because he was a good athlete, but because of the good hand of the Lord that came upon him.

I hope you notice, that Elijah did not sit down, expecting the hand of the Lord to carry him to his destination. What did he do, when God’s hand came upon him? The Bible says, “… he girded up his loins and ran….” Maybe, the reason many have not seen their expectation become a reality, despite God’s hand upon their lives, is that they have refused to gird up their loins and run.

God is Waiting for Your Part

Do you agree, that we would not have known the wonder of God’s hand on Elijah, if he had not done his part? God’s part was to put His hand upon Elijah, and it was Elijah’s responsibility to do what was necessary, to achieve his desired results. Failure to see God’s wonder, can always be traced to the irresponsibility of God’s people.

In case you don’t know, or have forgotten, I have come to inform and remind you, that the hand of the Lord is upon your life.  The same hand that granted Elijah an incredible speed, is right upon you. So, it is your turn to run with God’s hand. Get up and step out in faith, knowing His hand is upon your life, to turn you into a wonder among many.

Let’s Talk About It.

Why will God do for us, only what we cannot do for ourselves?

Prayer Starter

Father, let Your hand upon my life turn my story around for Your glory, in Jesus’ name.

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Rotimi Oluwaseyitan

Rotimi Oluwaseyitan is the Lead Pastor at Christ Royal Assembly and founder of Rotimi Oluwaseyitan Ministries. He has authored six books, including Exceeding Riches of His Grace, GraceNow Devotional, Prophetic Prayer Handbook, The fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Dealing with the Spirit of Herod, and the Mistakes of Lot. He is passionate about prayer and the word. He hosts a monthly prayer meeting online every first day of the month.

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